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Senate Decisions on Leave of Absence and Registration by Students

Senate at its meeting held on Thursday, November 02, 2017, deliberated on some vital issues bothering on the University and came up with the following decisions:

  1. Request for Leave of Absence by Students

 Senate while noting the implications of some frivolous and haphazard requests for Leave of Absence by students resolved that structure must be put in place to address the situation.  To this end, Senate directed as follows for 2017/2018 Academic Session.

  • That registration for courses would be allowed for a maximum of ten (10) weeks into the Harmattan Semester;
  • That at the expiration of the period allowed for Registration including payment of school fees, students will within a maximum of two (02) weeks, be allowed to apply for Leave of Absence if the situation so demands;
  • That at the expiration of the time granted to apply for Leave of Absence, any student who fails to take such advantage shall have his/her studentship determined;
  • That application for Leave of Absence should be addressed to the Registrar and must be passed through the Head of Department and the Dean of the Faculty as appropriate.

In like manner, Senate directed as follows effective from 2018/2019 Academic Session:

  • That registration for courses will normally close two (02) weeks into the Harmattan Semester;
  • That the University may grant, if considered necessary, additional three (03) weeks of grace after which penalty shall be imposed;
  • That at the expiration of the three (03) weeks of grace, students who are still desirous of registering for the Session shall pay a penalty fee of one thousand naira (N1,000.00) per week for a maximum of five (05) weeks, after which the porter will be permanently closed for the session.
  • That after the closure of the porter, students would be allowed a maximum of two (02) weeks to apply for Leave of Absence after which their studentship shall be determined.

Meanwhile Senate noted that there were many pending cases of requests for Leave of Absence.  It therefore, directed that all such outstanding cases should be collated and processed to the Registrar following due process so that they could be considered at the next Senate meeting.

Senate emphatically warned that after the said meeting, retrospective request for Leave of Absence would not be entertained.

  1. Request for Additional Units

Senate while considering results of graduating students noted the discrepancies in the requests for additional units by students across College/Faculties and fell strongly that a position must be taken in this regard with effect from 2018/2019 academic session.

Consequent upon the above, Senate approved as follows:


  • That the maximum extra units that could be granted a student shall be six (06) units in a session;
  • That the six units could be spread to cover either Harmattan or Rain Semester or both as applicable;
  • That by implication, a student could register for a maximum of thirty (30) units in a Semester and a maximum of fifty (54) units in a Session;
  • That the peculiarity in some Colleges/Faculties will be treated as appropriate;
  • That Colleges/Faculties should endeavour to align their curricula with the prescribed NUC BMAS so as to reduce the spate of requests for extra units.

Students are advised to note the above decisions of the Senate in their own interest.

Niyi Oduwole

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