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History of Faculty of Arts

Brief History

The Faculty of Arts has existed from the very beginning of the University in 1983.  It is estimated that the foundation student population of the Faculty was about one hundred. There were no separate Departments at the inception of the Faculty. Separation into Departments came later around 1984.  The foundation Dean of the Faculty was Dr. Oladele Taiwo who came from University of Lagos. He left in 1983. Following his departure, Professor Afolabi Olabimtan took over as Dean.  The Faculty has grown and matured remarkably since that humble beginning.  It has produced thousands of graduates who are holding their own in both public and private sectors.  Their influence can be felt even beyond the shores of Nigeria.  It is important to note that the Faculty of Arts was one of the first faculties to produce a First Class.  This Faculty has a reputation for maintaining a high academic and moral standard. The Faculty is made up of excellent and reputable scholars.


To serve as a medium for the development of human capital that will promote the progress of Nigeria in particular and the world in general.


  • To produce graduates that are God-fearing and worthy in character and learning.
  • To produce graduates that are intellectually equipped to address societal problems.
  • To contribute to the development of societal cohesion, peace and progress.


The nation, Nigeria, is an aggregation of communities and the people inhabiting them.  These communities and their people use languages, religious affiliations and other societal connection to relate from time to time.  The various programmes in the faculty are designed to contribute to the growth and the development of human relations or interactions. The focus of the teaching and research in the Faculty of Arts is on culture and the heritage of humanism. Special emphasis is placed on character, good conduct, the concept of omoluabi We familiarize our students with our history, values and tradition. Given the fact that language is a carrier of culture and values, the teaching of and research on local and foreign languages are given a pride of place


1.1982-1983Prof. Oladele TaiwoDean
2.1983-1984Prof. Afolabi OlabimtanDean
3.1984Prof. J. A.  AtandaDean
4.1984-1985Prof. Oyin OgunbaDean
5.1986-1987Prof. Ade KukoyiDean
6.1987-1989Prof. Kola-FolayanDean
7.1989-1990Prof. Abiodun AdetugboDean
8.1990-1991Dr. A. AdeniranAg. Dean
9.1992-1993Prof. G. O. OgunremiDean
10.1993-1995Ven. (Dr.) E. Ade. OdumuyiwaAg. Dean
11.1995-1998Dr. S. O. AdebajoAg. Dean
12.1999-2000Ven. (Prof.) E. Ade OdumuyiwaDean
13.2000-2001Prof. Oyin OgunbaDean
14.2001-2002Prof. Segun OdunugaDean
15.2002-2006Prof. K. A. BalogunDean
16.2006-2010Prof. Ayo FadahunsiDean
17.2010-2012Prof. J O. OyegokeDean
18.2012Dr Dele BalogunAg. Dean
19.2012-2014Prof. S. Ade-AliDean
20.2014-2018Prof. Dele BalogunDean
21.2018Prof. Ebun OduwoleDean
22.2018-2021Prof. O. O. OlubomehinDean
23.2021-till dateProf. S. A. DareDean

 The Faculty currently has seven departments.  They are:

  1. Department of English
  2. Department of History and Diplomatic Studies
  3. Department of Religious Studies
  4. Department of Philosophy
  5. Department of Linguistics and Nigerian Languages
  6. Department of Foreign Languages
  7. Department of Performing Arts.
dean of ARTS
Professor Samson Adeyeye Dare


Phone: 08033308414; 08055001770.

PhD (English Language), University of Ibadan, 1998

M.A. (English Language), University of Ibadan, 1986

B.A. (English), University of Ibadan, 1983

O.N.D. (Mass Comm.), The Polytechnic, Ibadan

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