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Faculty of Science

History of Faculty of Science

Brief History

The Faculty of Science is among the pioneering Faculties in the University, established in January 1983, with the central objective being the production of scientific and technological manpower for the country in general and Ogun State in particular. The faculty was established to disseminate, promote, and advance the growth of scientific knowledge in the University and to explore the use of this knowledge for the study and exploitation of the country’s natural resources for the advancement of the citizenry. The first set of students admitted to the faculty – 71, commenced their courses at the temporary site, now commonly referred to as Mini Campus. Presently, the Faculty is located at the permanent site (PS).

At inception, the faculty comprised five (5) departments: the Department of Biological Sciences, the Department of Chemical Sciences, Department of Earth Sciences, the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Department of Physics. Over the years, a series of restructuring and consolidation necessitated by the need to meet with global practices has led to an increase in the number of departments within the faculty. The faculty now houses seven departments: the Department of Plant Science, the Department of Chemical Sciences, the Department of Earth Sciences, the Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology, the Department of Microbiology, the Department of Physics and the Department of Mathematical Sciences. The faculty cooperates with the Centre for Continuing Education (CCED), which now occupies the Mini Campus, to operate part-time programmes in science courses. Also, the faculty runs two diploma programmes, the Advanced Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology and the Advanced Certificate in Data Processing.

Over the years, the Faculty has been led by many notable professors who have contributed immensely to its growth. The past Deans of Science include Prof. T.O. Bankole, Prof. Fayose, Prof. A.A. Kayode, Prof. Layi Ogunmola, Prof. L.O. Ogunkoya, Prof. V.W. Ogundero, Prof. V.A. Awoderu, Prof. O.A. Sosanwo, Prof. A. Adebanjo, Prof. Tunde Ogunsanwo, Prof. S.A. Bankole, Prof. Kola Odunaike, Prof. O.A. Lawal, Prof. O.O. Oyesiku, and Prof. Lawrence Adebajo. The present Dean is Prof. John A. Laoye.

The faculty has produced many distinguished scientists presently contributing to the development of the University and the country at large. Some notable faculty alumni include Prof. Olufemi Adeyinka Adesina, Prof. Olatunde Oni, Prof. S.A. Bankole, Prof. N.A.A. Babarinde, Prof. S.K. Alausa, Prof. J.S. Ashidi, Prof. P.I. Ikhane and many others.

The Faculty of Science is a leading faculty in the University regarding research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The faculty members contribute to the society through research and community service.

Professor John Abidemi Laoye

Area of Research Interest: Nonlinear Dynamics

Official Email:

Phone Number: +234(0)8098869373

Professor Laoye is a Professor of Theoretical Physics. He has won several travel grants to attend conferences and workshops such as the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy (1996 and 1997), March Meeting of the American Physical Society (2013) and African Space Weather Workshop held at College Court, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK (2018).

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