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Our Stragetic Objectives

Our Stragetic Objectives

OOU was established to discharge a tripod of responsibilities, namely, teaching, research and community service. These responsibilities entail that the University

  1. Produces broadly educated men and women
  2. Supplies specialist manpower
  • Guards the flames of scholarship
  1. Becomes part of the leadership of the new technological revolution; and
  2. Produces ambassadors of a wider world.

It is against the above background that the University aspires to;

  1. have comprehensive strength in its undergraduate programmes;
  2. have postgraduate and professional programmes in a significant number of ares;
  • Have academic staff of national and international distinction;
  1. nurture a tradition of distinguished research and scholarship;
  2. cultivate a high-quality work environment that not only conduces to high academic attainment but also encourages the finest essence of ethical behaviours among staff and students; and
  3. Create a culturally diverse and inclusive University community that continuously seeks ways of generating more wealth for the University through venue generation.
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